Il Tiramisù alla frutta più buono che c’è!

The Best Strawberry Trifle

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Are you looking for a delicious recipe of strawberry tiramisu or a summer fruit trifle? Trust me if I tell you that this is the best summer fruit Tiramisu you can eat.
The peculiarity of this trifle is all in the soak infuse, very aromatic and spicy, but still fresh and suitable for summer desserts. You can do it with ladyfingers or with sponge cake, you decide. Even the fruit, you can combine the fruit you prefer: only strawberries or a bouquet of fruits and flavors.

Best ever Stawberry Trifle

Ingredients for 8/10 people:

• a pack of ladyfingers (or sponge cake)
• 1/2 liter lemon flavored pastry cream
• 250g mascarpone
• a basket of strawberries

for the soak
• 50g cointreau or grand marnier
• 100g sugar
• 100g water
• 1g cardamom seeds (crushed)
• 1g star anise
• 1g cinnamon (in sticks or in powder)
• 1g mint leaves
• 2g orange and / or lemon peel

to garnish
• strawberries / fresh fruit
• spray jelly
• mint leaves
• star anise

How to make the best strawberry trifle!

  1. Prepare an infusion with all the aromas of the soak, heating the water up to about 90 ° C. Also add the sugar, cover and leave to infuse for at least 10 minutes. At the end add the liqueur.
  2. With a whisk, mix well, breaking all the lumps, mascarpone and lemon custard. if you like it, you can give an alcoholic characterization to the cream with cointreau or limoncello to taste.
  3. In a bowl, lay out as for a normal trifle, ladyfingers soaked in the infusion, mascarpone cream, strawberries cut into cubes, and again ladyfingers cream and fruit until the ingredients are used up.
  4. Garnish with fresh fruit covered with a layer of gelatin so as not to oxidize it, and maybe star anise and mint leaves to recall the aromatization of the water.
  5. Leave to rest for a few hours in the fridge in order to mix the aromas and flavors well.
    The photo is not particularly choreographic, I recognize it, but the taste is nothing short of stre-pi-to-know. Trust Cle!

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